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Smoked Mackerel

What the judges said: “An attractive, well coloured piece of mackerel; we really enjoyed its softness and the delicacy of the smoking with the pepper mix confidently providing that extra thrust of flavour.”

“A beautiful, sweet, gently smoked mackerel. Excellent level of smoke and well-seasoned.”

“Thick juicy fillet that is moist and juicy to eat. The smoking is even and well balanced. Luscious to eat.”

Smoked Salmon 100g, 200g, whole side, trimmings

What the judges said: “Excellent level of smoke and a genuine salty freshness.  A gentle sweetness balancing with the smoke”

“The texture is good, buttery and retains some bite and the smoking gives a good delicate flavour.”

Hot kiln roasted smoked salmon 100-120g and 180-200g and whole side

What the judges said: “Very attractive, moist looking, well sliced fillet. Delicate, light pepper coating and just the right smokiness. Very moist, flakes beautifully, perfect balance of fish, pepper and light cure”

“Very well balanced complex flavours with good levels of seasoning and smoke.  The buttery texture is soft and flakes well, and is tender to eat.  Delicious.”

Herefordshire Cider and Apple Cured Salmon 100g, 200g and whole side

What the judges said: “the innovative cure is a triumph - how good to find an English take on a Scandinavian speciality”

Smoked Duck Breast

What the judges said: “Beautifully presented and extremely inviting. The duck flavour was well balanced with the smoke which sits gently in the mouth.  Lovely soft, moist texture.  Good level of fat,  Very well done.”

Smoked Chicken

Smoked Trout

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