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Behind the scenes at Macneil's we've been working our little socks off with our good friends at Churchfield Saltworks to create a new and exciting product that we love. 


Droitwich Saltworks has recently renewed it's production of Droitwich Brine Salt and have created a beautiful pure brine salt product exquisitly packaged for the retail market. When our friends Will & Gillian Kerton approached us about creating a smoked salt we jumped at the chance of a new challenge. 


After lots of testing, trials and experimenting we all settled on the winning flavour and method that has seen this gorgeous new product brought to market. 


We are so proud to be associated with this exciting venture and even better than that, our own smokehouse owner, Tony, features in the packaging!! Much to his reluctance, we've snapped him for a photo (he's camera shy) and the packaging displays a fantastic write up on our smokehouse and our relationship with Churchfields. 


We are thrilled to be able to offer the smoked salt for sale to our online customers and we've even started stocking the original version too as it's so delicious. 


We've decided that recipes and tips are going to be in our website's future!! Watch this blog space. 


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