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We've been contract smoking for a variety of companies for a while now and thought you might like to know a bit more about it


The contract smoking process is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Smoking is a detailed science that varies with external and internal temperatures, humidity, quantity of products in the smoker, timing, the size of each product, resting time, the space around it, the temperature of the smoke, the wood, the time of day and ultimately it takes a lot of culinary know how to understand what will create the perfect flavour at the end of it. 


Tony spends huge quantities of time working with producers to develop the perfect smoke for each individual product. Before we can begin to start contract smoking Tony completes a variety of colaborative tests, tastes and trials before settling on the agreed perfect smoke. This attention to detail has seen Macneil's help to create some of the area's most delicious food.  


Our most recent contract smoking customer, Lord and Lady Hamilton from Apley Estate in Shropshire, approached us to help them to create their own smoked pheasant from the pheasants shot on their estate. We have been working with them to produce a superb flavour that is now for sale in a number of outlets including their own farm shop that we also supply our smoked salmon to. 


Lady Harriet Hamilton has been working tirelessly to promote this unique delicacy. Listen to Harriet telling her fascinating story (as well as singing our praises) this January on Paul Shuttleworth's radio programme on BBC Radio Shropshire. Click here for link 


We are so proud to be part of this product and so far it has been a hit. So much so that Apley Farm Shop have a count down to when the next batch will arrive with them. You can find out more about the pheasant, the process, the estate and the shop (and see the countdown) by clicking here:  Apley Farm Shop Website


We have loved our contract smoking so far and are really looking forward to seeing what else 2018 will bring... 

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